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Back playing!

Hopefully, you have been able to fit in a game of tennis since we were allowed back on court on 29th March. The ladies of St Agnes were indeed out at 8am on that Monday morning and sent a suitably socially distanced picture to prove it.

There have been lots of pictures on the Tennis Cornwall social media pages and many of your club pages of everyone getting back in the swing. I asked these lovely folks at Truro Club on Good Friday morning if I could take their picture for one of my blogs. After they established that I was not after a saffron bun, I took this shot. For me this is the beauty of tennis – you can play any age and any standard, and these four agreed, saying for them it was the social side that they love as well as the exercise.

Our website now has a Disability page, and coming soon is a Competition page and one for the Committee. In my next blog I will be reporting from both junior and senior scenes.

Happy Tennis Playing!

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